Library Comic Con


Saturday, May 5, 2018 - 10AM to 4PM

*Regular library services will be suspended during Comic Con and will resume on Monday, May 8*
Details Coming Soon!!
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Costume Contest
Costumes make the event a fun day for everyone!
We encourage you to dress as your favorite comic book, anime, manga, fantasy, or sci-fi character.  Come and show off your talent and alter ego for a chance to win fabulous prizes and attention!
***The Costume Contest is an ALL AGES event.  Any costumes that are overly gory, revealing, or deemed inappropriate or offensive by staff will be asked to leave or change.

Contest Categories
 Children  0-12 years old
 Teens 13-17 years old
 18 and older

Judging Criteria
  • Quality: Is the costume well made?  Attention to detail and accessories.
  • Creativity: Did the entrant make their own costume?  Was the costume resourceful or clever in design?
  • Presentation and audience involvement: Was the entrant in character?  How well did entrant interact with the audience?
Rules Regarding Costume Props
  1. All costume props and weapons are subject to the approval of library staff.
  2. Real firearms are prohibited.
  3. Real knives, blades, and swords are prohibited.
  4. Projectile weapons such as water guns, Nerf guns, and bubble blowers are prohibited.
  5. Realistic looking firearms and realistic bladed weapons must be approved by a library staff member and are not to be drawn or pointed at anyone ever.  Horseplay and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.
  6. We highly encourage orange caps on all costume related firearms.
***Library staff reserve the right to amend these rules without prior notice.  Noncompliance of any rules will result in expulsion from the event.  All Grand County Public Library Code of Conduct Policies apply during Comic Con.

Psyched yet? There's also all this...
Door prizes
Enter to win the costume contest
Local authors & artists
Comic enthusiasts and vendors
Photo ops
Practice your spell casting skills
Make your own super hero mask
TARDIS dance party
And so much more!!!!!

Questions about Comic Con? Please contact
Why Comic Con at the Library?
Nationwide, graphic novels have become some of the most popular library collections and comic books are often appealing to young or reluctant readers. Library Comic Cons have been credited with promoting multiple literacies, creativity, and community engagement.  They also highlight a number of fictional genres that appeal to all ages including: comic books, manga, anime, sci-fi, fantasy, and graphic novels.  Using creative ways to excite readers greatly aligns with the Grand County Public Library's mission to stimulate imaginations and encourage lifetimes of learning.  The Library Comic Con is all about having a day of fun, exciting new readers, connecting with the community, and celebrating all the fictional characters we love!
Many thanks to the Friends of the Library for their generous support of our third annual Library Comic Con!
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