Voter Information Pamphlet

2020 General Voter Information Pamphlet 

The Local Voter Information Pamphlet has the arguments for and against the Grand County Propositions that will appear on your ballot. The arguments submitted for or against are the opinions of the authors. To view the full local voter information pamphlet, click here.  If you would like a hard copy of the local voter information pamphlet please call the Grand County Elections Office at 435-259-1323 to request.

Proposition 8: 

Proposition 8 is a Moab City proposition and will only appear on your ballot if you live within the Moab City Limits, please visit  for more information. 

Proposition 10:  

Ballot Text: Shall Grand County adopt the alternate form of government known as the Council- Manager Form, pursuant to the Optional Plan for Grand County Government the study committee has recommended? 

Proposition 16:  

Ballot Text: Shall Section 2.04.030 (Governing body) of the Grand county Government be amended to change the composition of the Commission from seven members to five, as follows: "The governing body of the county shall be a five-member county commission (the Commission) , which shall..." 

Proposition 17:  

Ballot Text: Shall Section 2.04.040.A (Election qualifications, terms and nominations of commission members) of the Grand County Plan for county Government be amended to remove districts seats and elect all commission members at-large, as follows: "All Commission members shall be elected from the county at large" 

To view the state of federal voter information pamphlet, please visit for more information.