Current Collateral & Advertising Materials

2023 Moab Area Travel Planner

The mail-out piece for visitor inquiries about planning a trip to Moab. 

2023 Moab Outdoor Adventure Guide

This guide was developed in cooperation with local land agencies (BLM, Sand Flats Recreation Area, Utah State Parks, State School & Institutional Trust Lands Administration & Forest Service) to highlight attractions and activities that are located outside of the national parks in an effort to offset crowding in the national parks. The guide is loaded with minimum impact messaging.  It is being distributed online, in the MIC, and via local businesses.


Screenshot 2023-03-17 103821 Opens in new window - The official source for visitor information for Moab. - Educational website promoting responsible recreation & minimum impact practices.

Print Ads

Moab Ad 1

Moab Ad 2

Moab Ad 3


Moab Billboard

I-70 Crescent Junction Westbound (proposed)

Moab Billboard

I-70 Crescent Junction Eastbound (proposed)

Moab Billboard

Fruita, Colorado Westbound (proposed)

Moab South

Moab City - 400 East & Highway 191

Moab North

Moab City - North

Promoted Social Posts

The Travel Council will promote the Moab area on social media by containing responsible recreation information, and exceptional opportunities for local businesses are also geofenced locally.

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Video Projects

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Click here for a look at some recent Travel Council video projects.