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Rafting the Daily Section of the Colorado River in Moab is a rewarding adventure for people of all abilities.  Join our group on a two-day raft trip hosted by the National Ability Center during high water in June.  The National Ability Center helps people of all ability levels access Moab's world famous adventures!  The Moab Area Travel Council is committed to making Moab a destination where life's big adventures are accessible to everyone.

Moab locals have it figured out. They know the best rides, the best routes, the best places to hike and camp and eat — and a few other important things about the right way to enjoy the desert. While the Utah desert seems like a rugged place, you might be surprised to learn its environment is more sensitive than you might expect. To make sure everybody has the chance to enjoy our little slice of paradise for generations to come, residents of Moab are taking steps toward sustainability with the Moab First Sustainable Tourism Program. When you visit Moab, do it like a local – help us take care of it like you live here.

David Steward and his band perform "Do It Like A Local" at various locations in and around Moab, Utah.

With millions of adventure-seeking visitors every year, the Moab area has the highest incidence of search and rescue calls in the state of Utah. Here are tips from the experts on how "not" to get rescued.

Moab gets visited by millions of people each year, so we have the opportunity to lead by example when it comes to sustainability. We can be the little community that leads the way.

UTVs – Side by Sides – are a popular way to explore the public lands around Moab, Utah.  With their booming popularity comes a responsibility to be prepared when you hit the trail, to know trail etiquette, and to leave the land beautiful for the next generation to enjoy.  Here's a quick guide of what you need to know while visiting Moab.

The National Ability Center can help people of all ability levels access Moab's world famous mountain biking trails.

The extensive, and world famous, mountain bike trails in Moab, Utah are unlike any others in the world. Here are some great tips on how to enjoy them safely and responsibly,

The public lands surrounding Moab have some of the darkest skies remaining in the contiguous 48 United States.