Code Enforcement

Citizens may submit complaints through the ONLINE CITIZEN PORTAL 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Code Enforcement? 

Code enforcement is responsible for enforcing codes that address public health and safety issues, including but not limited to specific nuisances, zoning, housing, dark skies, dangerous buildings, and inoperable and unlicensed vehicles on private property. Enforcement actions are taken both proactively and in response to requests for action received from citizens.

What types of complaints are investigated? 

Zoning and land use violations

Substandard or dangerous buildings

Public nuisances such as trash, debris, inoperable & unlicensed vehicles on private property

Dark Skies

Overnight Accommodations

Special Event Permit compliance

Business Licensing compliance

Illegal buildings/structures

Illegal businesses 

Illegal signs


What is the process for filing a complaint? 

Citizens may submit complaints through the Online Citizen Portal or by emailing Complaints will be reviewed by Code Enforcement to ensure correct jurisdiction and that the alleged violation is out of compliance with Grand County code. For more questions, please click the Enforcement Process PDF under Links and Resources.  

What should be included in a complaint?

Citizens should provide as much detail as possible when submitting a complaint. Pictures, audio and/or video may be submitted with complaints and are recommended.

Are complaints anonymous?

Yes. Complainant information will be kept anonymous. Please note that if the case goes to court, the complainant may be called as a witness.

If the Code Enforcement Officer determines there is a violation, what are the next steps? 

The Code Enforcement Officer will first send a Courtesy Notice of Violation to the individual or entity. This is a notification that there is a violation and that we would like you to voluntarily comply. The letter will outline the violations, compliance requirements, penalties for the violation, contact information for the enforcement office, and the timeframe for compliance (typically 21 days).

If the violation(s) have not been corrected within the provided time frame, a formal Written Warning will be sent. If the violation(s) are not corrected within 30 days, the County may issue civil citations, processed through administrative hearing procedures under Chapter 1.16

During the 30-day Written Warning period, the responsible party(s) have the option to appeal and request an administrative hearing.

  1. Josh Green

    Code Enforcement Officer
    Phone: (435) 259-1368

  2. Code Enforcement General Inquires

The Code Enforcement Process Flowchart

Code Enforcement Flow Chart 6-26-21

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