Special Events

Grand County supports and welcomes special events that enhance the quality of life for our residents and visitors by fostering sustainability; empowering community; balancing the natural solitude of the surrounding desert with world-class recreation; supporting local entrepreneurial and creative enterprise; and celebrating culture, heritage, and place.

Definition of a Special Event:

A sporting, cultural, entertainment, commercial, competitive, or similar gathering or activity that impacts the County, its present of future inhabitants, or local businesses, whether for profit, non-profit, or charitable purposes, whether open to the public or not, whether located on private or public land (including trails), occurring for a limited duration not to exceed thirty (30) consecutive days where any one of the following criteria applies:

  1. Noise exceeds permissible levels set forth in Title 11 of the Grand County General Ordinances ("Noise Ordinance") may be used or created
  2. Activities exceed the normal scope of permitted use of the property
  3. Participants expect a duty of care, aka safety
  4. Public rights of way, including County roads and sidewalks, may be fully or partially closed
  5. The County Commission determines that the proposed Event will result in identifiable impacts on County services or the health, welfare, peace, comfort, or safety of Grand County residents and/or visitors

Special Events include (but are not limited to) events where entrance/participant fees are charged or suggested or other compensation is exchanged, retail sales are conducted or vendors offer goods or services, trail rides are regulated by a commercial, organized group/event, or competitive SRP (or similar) issued by the state or federal government are organized; races; concerts; or a public assembly, such as a parade, rally, or celebration.


  1. Non-commercial, non-competitive family, friends, or youth events such as weddings, family reunions, dances, parties, or garage sales with less than 250 Daily Total Attendance or 50 Motor Vehicles
  2. Conferences, trainings, lectures, sporting events, or similar events held in a permitted permanent facility consistent with the facility's occupancy and design standards
  3. Community events owned or sponsored by resolution by the County at a County-owned facility

Please see the current Grand County Special Event Ordinance for more information.  For any questions, please email events@grandcountyutah.net.

Permit Application Process

Applying for a Special Event Permit is a two-step process:

  1. Submitting an Intent to Apply (ITA)
  2. When the ITA is approved, submitting a Special Event Permit Application

Start your Special Event Intent to Apply (ITA) HERE

ITA Deadlines and Review

For Events Held ITA Deadline Review Date
January 1 - March 31 First Monday in July 2nd Commission Meeting in July
April 1 - June 30 First Monday in October 2nd Commission Meeting in October
July 1 - September 30 First Monday in January 2nd Commission Meeting in January
October 1 - December 31 First Monday in April 2nd Commission Meeting in April

Resources for Applicants

Questions about the process?  Start here:

Important Documents

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