Criminal Division

Our Responsibilities

The Criminal Division is responsible for prosecuting and adjudicating crimes that occur within Grand County. Felonies and Class A Misdemeanors are filed and prosecuted in the Seventh District Court.  Class B Misdemeanors, Class C Misdemeanors, and Infractions that are committed within Grand County but outside of Moab City are prosecuted in the Grand County Justice Court.  The Criminal Division also adjudicates crimes committed by youth offenders in the Seventh District Juvenile Court. Grand County actively supports the Drug Court in the Seventh District Court.

Our Philosophy 

The authority to charge rests in the hands of the County Attorney.  The facts of each case are different and not all criminal defendants are the same. The Grand Count Attorney's office makes its charging decisions based on all the variables in facts and circumstances in each case. We strive to bring consistency and accountability to the charging of crimes, realizing that our actions affect thousands of lives each year - defendants and victims.

While no two defendants are the same, so too are no two plea offers and sentencing recommendations the same.  We strive to find the right solution to every criminal case and base plea offers and sentencing recommendations on all the variables in the facts and circumstances of each case.

As public servants, we understand that we serve Grand County and have an important responsibility to serve the process of justice for all parties involved and do so while upholding high ethical standards.

Prosecutor Policies