International Travel Trade

International In-Market Representation Firms

Moab Travel Council works in partnership with the Utah Office of Tourism to market representation firms in the international countries deemed of value to the Utah economy for visitation numbers, length of stay, and spending per trip. These rep firms manage travel trade, public relations, social media, and consumer-facing activations and campaigns.  The Utah Office of Tourism is represented in the following countries:

  • Australia/New Zealand
  • France/Belgium
  • Canada
  • China
  • Germany/Switzerland/Austria
  • India
  • United Kingdom/Ireland

Build Your Lodging Inventory for International Travelers

Receptive tour operators are local wholesalers of tourism products (accommodations, guided activities, etc.) who create packages to market to tour operators around the world. These operators play a role in getting your product into tour itineraries globally, which expands your destination’s reach and audience considerably. 

If you are interested in selling to the international market, work with your hotels and lodging properties to partner with an operator to increase international bookings to your destination. For more information, please contact Melissa Stocks, Assistant Marketing Director, at

Attend Domestic or US-based International Trade Shows

Moab Area Travel Council attends the following domestic and US-based international trade shows throughout the year. 

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Go West


IITA Summit

International Co-Ops 

The Utah Office of Tourism market representation firms create co-operative marketing opportunities for Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) partners. Moab Area Travel Council is participating in co-operative marketing to be able to engage and market in each international market at different levels. This serves as an excellent way to enter a market before joining a sales mission or maintain market education and brand awareness. Opportunities presented include opting into Online Travel Agent (OTA) campaigns such as Expedia or TripAdvisor, joining a traditional tour operator co-operative marketing campaign, leading an agent training webinar, joining a larger multi-channel digital/programmatic campaign, a printed guide opportunity, or a consumer activation. 

International Sales Missions

The Utah Office of Tourism provides the opportunity for local DMO partners to travel in partnerAMSTERDAM2ship with our office to our key international markets. International Sales Missions allow us to expand our messaging to key media through events and desksides, build our relationships with airline partners, develop products with key tour operators and online travel agencies (OTAs) and create consumer activations in-market.

Moab Area Travel Council participates in those International Sales Missions every year. It is important for us to understand the international market, have a face-to-face connection, and give the last updates on our areas. 

In 2022 we had the opportunity to visit: Canada, Amsterdam,  Belgium, Netherlands and Australia. 

UTOInternational Sales Mission Playbook