Grand County Surveyor


The County Surveyor is an elected official, and is required to be a Professional Land Surveyor licensed by the State of Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Occupational and professional licencning.
It is the purpose of this office to PROTECT the various public monuments that the properties of the county, public and private, are tied to and to act as a resource for the public, the county departments and county management as it pertains to the placement of ownership parcels in Grand County.

The Grand County Survey Office does not perform surveys for the general public.


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A plat or subdivision plat is a map drawn to a specified scale that shows the division of a tract of land. Plats generally indicate a lot and block designation for all lots depicted on the plat. Additionally, plats show the boundaries of all proposed easements, alleyways, and streets that are adjacent to or contained within the tract being subdivided or assembled. In order for a plat to be legally valid, it must meet the local subdivision and zoning requirements, be approved by the local governing body (i.e. City Council) and be filed/recorded with the County.

In addition to subdividing and assembling land, there are many different reasons to plat property. These reasons can include but are not limited to the dedication of roads/right-of-ways, ensuring a property has access to a public right-of-way, vacation and creation of easements, dedication of parkland or other public uses, ensuring compliance with current zoning standards, and etcetera.

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Utah State Code 17-23-17 requires a Record of Survey be filed with the County Surveyor when a land surveyor establishes or re-establishes a boundary line or obtains data for constructing a map or plat showing a boundary line within 90 days of the establishment or reestablishment of the boundary line. The County Surveyor is the repository of boundary surveys performed in Grand County Utah.

The staff of the County Recorder's office scans the record of survey plat to create a digital image. This image is then stored in a database and used to reproduce paper copies and provide viewable and printable imagery from our website.

The overall appearance of the final product is dependent on the quality and integrity of the original submittal. Therefore, we suggest you follow the following record of survey platting guidelines:

  • Surveys must be created and submitted to the Grand County Recorder's Office on Mylar and have a minimum size requirement of 18"x24".
  • Use black ink for text and line work (halftones and grayscales do not reproduce well).
  • Use black ink for Seal certification (many colors do not copy or reproduce well).
  • Use black ink for your Certification Seal (many colors do not reproduce well and are harder to read).
  • Use standard text fonts larger than 1/8 of an inch in height (small, thin, and fancy fonts tend to fade and are harder to read).
  • Attach each graphic or digital image separately.
  • Allow for a 2 inch x 5 inch area in the bottom right-hand corner of each plat or page for the Grand County Recorder's document index filing number and other appropriate notes.

Grand County Recorder and Surveyors office can assist the general public with land surveying related issues such as:

  • Survey History Information, including PLSS Survey Plats and Survey Note
  • Record of Survey Information, Subdivision and Townsite Survey Information, and Mapping Information
  • Section Corner Maps and Information
  • State and County Control Network Information

All survey records will be recorded at the Grand County Recorders Office