Travel Council Leads Program


This is your chance for your business or event to easily tap into the results of the Travel Council's advertising campaigns. The Travel Council reaches out to potential Moab visitors via and other websites, social media, television and radio advertising, printed magazine advertisements, billboards, trade shows and much more.  The Leads Program offers your business or event the opportunity to receive leads of potential visitors who respond to our advertisements.  

  • Specify specific interests (rafting, canyoneering, climbing, mountain biking, rafting, etc.)
  • Receive printed labels or electronic files in comma delimited format
  • Option to receive only email addresses
  • Specify a specific month of visit (useful for event organizers)
The total number of leads entered into our database can range from 200/week during the off-season to nearly 600/week during the busiest times of the year.  Note that only phone and requests can be specific about their interests.  Therefore, selection of specific categories of interest will generally result in weekly lead amounts of approximately 30-120 leads. 

Lead Delivery

Leads are generated every Wednesday. You may also elect to have printed labels mailed to you, or electronic files emailed to you.  


Refer to the pricing table for a detailed price breakdown.

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To start receiving leads from the Travel Council, fill out our Leads Program Form.

Moab Area Travel Council Leads Price

Number of Leads/Quarter Quarterly Billing Amount
1-300 $15
301-600 $30
601-900 $45
901-1200 $60
1201-1500 $75
1501-1800 $90
1801-2100 $105
2101-2400 $120
2401-2700 $135
2701-3000 $150
3001-3300 $165
3301-3600 $180
3601-3900 $195