Sand Flats Recreation Area


 The new entrance for the Fins and Things 4x4 trail is now open! Thanks to your user fees, the BLM, Grand County Road Department, Red Rock Four Wheelers and Sand Flats Recreation Area staff, the new entrance was completed over the winter. Moving the trailhead out of the campground improves safety for both campers and motorized users. Please note- the south section of Fins and Things trail which travels between this new entrance through Hawk campground still remains closed from 1/2 hour before sunset to 1/2 hour after sunrise. There are no restrictions on northern section of the trail.

The new entrance leaves the Sand Flats road 1.8 miles past the Sand Flats Entrance Station and 0.2 miles before the Echo campground. The trail is now 0.4 mile longer. Please do your part to keep your trails scenic and open by Staying on the Trail. Thank you!

Sand Flats Recreation Area

The Sand Flats Recreation Area (SFRA) near Moab, Utah is a nationally significant public lands treasure at the heart of the Colorado Plateau. A high plain of slickrock domes, bowls and fins, it rises in the east to meet the colorful mesas and nearly 13,000 foot peaks of the La Sal Mountains. 

Bordering the area on the north and south are the canyons of the Grandstaff Canyon and Mill Creek Canyon Wilderness Study Areas. Further north lies the deep gorge of the Colorado River and Arches National Park.


Sand Flats’ famous Slickrock and Porcupine Rim bike trails and almost 30 miles of 4x4 trails including
Fins and Things and Hell's Revenge trails are world-renowned for their combination of challenge and awesome scenery. Sand Flats is also popular for camping. Approximately 175,000 visitors enjoy this 9,000 acre recreation area annually.

Campsites cannot be reserved, but are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.
In the spring and fall campgrounds are typically full Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and 75% to full other nights. Approximately 30% of the campsites turn over each morning. Your best chance of getting a campsite is to arrive before 3 pm. Check out facebook link below for updates.

Management & Mission

The Sand Flats Recreation Area is managed through a unique partnership between Grand County and the Bureau of Land Management. In 1995 this area was developed through the collaborative efforts of Americorps, the Bureau of Land Management, Grand County and the Moab community.

Sand Flats’ mission is to protect the natural features of the area from adverse recreational impacts while providing access to sustainable and enjoyable recreational opportunities.

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