Group Site Reservations

Group Site Campsites & Reservations

The Sand Flats Recreation Area has six reservable group campsites. Group campsites are located in the Echo (E) and Datura (D) campgrounds. Each group site can accommodate up to 16 people. Group sites Echo 1, Datura A, B, and D have space for six passenger cars OR 2 RVs OR 2-3 trucks with camp trailers. Group site Echo 10 and Datura C have space for 4 passenger cars or 1 RV or 2 trucks with small trailers. 
All vehicles and trailers must fit within the assigned parking area.

There is a $9 reservation fee and each campsite is $60 a night.  

The group leader is responsible for being familiar with all of the Rules and Regulations of the Sand Flats Recreation Area and for ensuring other members of the group adhere to these rules. The group may be asked to leave by the Management for major noise complaints, facility or resource damage. The leader may receive a citation for excessive noise during quiet hours, or substantial resource or facility damage to the site.

To make a reservation for group campsites visit recreation.govYou can make reservations 7 days from current date and up to 6 months out. 

If you are looking for a group site that can accommodate more than 16 people, call the Moab BLM office at 435-259-2100 or visit Moab BLM group campsites .