County Attorney's Office

    The Grand County Attorney is an elected official with a four-year term of office. The Grand County Attorney is independent of the Utah Attorney General.

    The Grand County Attorney's office is responsible for a wide array of legal functions for Grand County, some of which include:

    • Chief Law Enforcement Official in the County.
    • Reviews, authorizes and prosecutes violations of felony and class A misdemeanor criminal laws of the State of Utah (and County Ordinances) committed inside the County. The primary law enforcement agencies include the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, Moab City Police and the Utah Highway Patrol. 
    • Reviews, authorizes and prosecutes class B and C misdemeanor offenses, as well as infractions, that occur within Grand County - but outside the boundaries of Moab City.
    • Analyzes and prosecutes felony and misdemeanor juvenile delinquency offenses.
    • Represents the County in criminal matters before the Seventh District Court for Grand County, the Grand County Justice Court, the Seventh District Juvenile Court for Grand County, and on appeals in the Utah Court of Appeals and Utah Supreme Court.
    • Represents and advises the County Commission Members and other County Departments on legal matters.
    • The County Attorney’s Office is a participating member of the Domestic Violence Coalition which works with numerous community partners to eliminate domestic violence and provide services and support for the victims of domestic violence.
    • The County Attorney’s Office works closely with the Children’s Justice Center to protect children who are victims of abuse and neglect.
    • The Grand County Attorney’s Office utilizes a victim advocate whose primary responsibility is to assist victims through the difficult and sometimes confusing legal proceedings. Our victim advocate works hard to make sure victims are treated with dignity and respect.
    The Grand County Attorney's Office has two Divisions:

    The Criminal Division of the Grand County Attorney’s Office works to protect the public safety from those who endanger, threaten and degrade the security of the community and to serve the public by protecting the personal rights of the people of Grand County to life, liberty, and security. We enforce the criminal laws of the State of Utah by prosecuting cases aggressively and efficiently in a manner that maximizes public safety and minimizes victimization by creating an environment where victims are treated with dignity, compassion and respect, and by securing for crime victims the treatment to which they are entitled by law and the basic tenets of human decency.

    The Civil Division of the Grand County Attorney’s Office serves the public by fostering ethical, effective, and efficient government by providing the highest quality legal advice and representation possible to the County Commission and County Departments. We are involved in preparing or reviewing contracts the county enters into and assist with drafting County Ordinances as requested.  We handle all actions and claims filed against Grand County Government.