Tax Abatements

Tax Abatements are a form of tax relief that allows for qualified individuals to pay a reduced amount of property tax.  Grand county property owners may be eligible for one or more of the tax relief programs listed below (citizenship and residency requirements apply). 

Except for the Disabled Veteran program, all tax abatement programs require an applicant to complete the application process and provide the required documentation every year.  Application forms are available in the Grand County Clerk/Auditor's office, or you may download and print a form through the links below.

The deadline for filing all abatement applications is September 1st for the current tax year. 

Available Tax Abatements:


Delinquent Taxes:

To apply for deferral or settlement of delinquent property taxes, please submit the forms below. 
Please contact the Grand County Clerk/Auditor with any questions.