Programming Policy


The Grand County Public Library presents programs that are informational, educational, cultural, and recreational to the Grand County community.  Library sponsored programs will often be presented in cooperation with other agencies and institutions as well as other public and private resources.  

The Grand County Public Library’s philosophy of open access to information and ideas extends to library programming.  Programs are offered free of charge.  Imposing monetary fees on program participation or attendance presents a barrier to access and does not support the library’s mission.  

Ultimate responsibility for programming rests with the Library Director, who administers within the framework of policies determined by the Library Board and Grand County Commission.  The Library Director, in turn, delegates the authority for program management to appropriate departmental staff.  Staff who present programs do so as part of their job.

The Director and staff use the following criteria in making decisions about program topics, speakers, and accompanying resources: 

  • Community needs and interests
  • Availability of resources such as space, staff time, and/or budget
  • Treatment of content for intended audience
  • Educational and historical significance
  • Presentation quality and presenter background/qualifications in content area
  • Connection to other community programs, exhibitions, or events
  • Relation to library collections, resources, exhibits, or other programs

The Library will make every attempt to accommodate all who wish to attend a program.  However, when safety or available resources require it, attendance may be limited.  When limits must be established, attendance will be determined on a first come, first served basis, either with advance registration or at the door. 

The Grand County Public Library does not offer programs of a commercial nature. Representatives of businesses and for-profit enterprises can be presenters in library sponsored events, however, any information must be of general interest.  The purpose of all library sponsored programs must be informational, educational, cultural and/or recreational rather than promotional.  Presenters are allowed to pass out literature, but soliciting for donations, customers, or any kind of fundraising is not allowed.  

No individual or organization who presents a program at the library is allowed to sell their product or services during their presentation or during their time at the library.  However, recognizing that program attendees may wish to purchase books written or recordings made by presenters, the library may permit the sale of such items in conjunction with a library sponsored program.  All plans to sell such items must be arranged in advance and approved by the library staff responsible for the program.  Presenters or their representatives are responsible for the handling of all sales.  

Library sponsorship of a program does not constitute or imply an endorsement of its policies, beliefs, or subject matter by any library personnel or by the organization.  Materials asking for library visitors to sign a petition or letter are not permitted at library programs.  Time, place, and manner parameters for signature gathering are detailed in the library’s Code of Conduct Policy. The library reserves the right to use video or photographs taken of program participants for internal use, publication, and use in library promotional outlets, and for evaluation purposes.

Community members can reserve a meeting room for presenting their own programs. Grand County Public Library does not sponsor these community programs, nor does the library provide marketing or promotional assistance for community-hosted programs.  Publicity for events not sponsored by the library must include contact information for the entity responsible for the program and must not include the library’s contact information.  The library’s name may only be used in reference to location, not sponsorship or affiliation.  When the library is not sponsoring the meeting room program or event, any promotion must indicate that the library is not sponsoring or endorsing the program.  The Grand County Public Library Meeting Room Reservation Policy further details requirements for meeting room use.

Adopted by the Grand County Public Library Board, March 16, 2011 and reapproved on, May 17, 2012, October 17, 2013, October 23, 2014, October 22, 2015, March 29, 2017, March 27, 2019, and revised/approved May 24, 2022.

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