Property Tax Calendar

Please note that the Grand County Courthouse Offices are closed on County Holidays

Nov 1st

Tax Bills mailed by the Treasurer's Office by this date. Bills are usually mailed around the middle of October.

Nov 30th

Deadline for paying real property tax without penalty.  If the 30th falls on a weekend, the deadline is extended to the following Monday.  Please be aware, that all County offices are closed on Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving. 

Dec 1st

Unpaid property taxes become delinquent; 1% penalty ($10 minimum) charge attached to each parcel.

Dec 31

Notice of delinquency sent to owners and a list of delinquent current year taxes and property owners published on our website by this date.

Jan 1st

Lien date - All property is appraised based upon situs and status as of this date.

Jan 15th Prepayment coupons will be mailed around this date.  

Jan 31st

Deadline for the payment of all delinquent taxes and penalty to avoid interest and increased penalty. If the 31st falls on a weekend , the deadline is extended to the following Monday. 

Feb 1st 

Interest starts to accrue on delinquent taxes as of Jan 1st and late penalty is increased to 2.5% ($10 minimum) per parcel. 


Abatement forms available for the current year, from State of Utah.

May or June

Tax Sale usually held in late May.

July 22nd

Valuation Notices mailed by Clerk/Auditor (approximate date, subject to annual schedule).

Sept 1st

Abatement and Exemption Applications/Forms due.

Sept 15th

Taxpayer's deadline for appealing property values and primary residential status through the Assessors office (and no latter than 45 days of mailing Valuation Notice).

For a more complete property tax calendar please see the Utah State Tax Commission, Property Tax Division calendar here