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Kirk and Josh Capnography

Paramedic Service:

In September of 2013 the Grand County Council approved Grand County EMS' plan to move its service from an Advanced level service to a Paramedic level service. This move helps us fulfill our mission of providing the highest level of Public Safety and Public Health for our residents and visitors. Grand County EMS is proud to announce that we have transitioned fully to a paramedic service, and currently have 9 paramedics on staff. We are grateful for the citizens' support during the transition and look forward to providing the highest quality of care possible.

12 Lead and STEMI program:

Grand County EMS is a leader in rural STEMI care in Utah. We utilize highly sensitive cardiac monitors to help determine the best destination for that patient. We are continuing to develop our program in conjunction with St. Marys Hospital in Grand Junction and Moab Regional Hospital in Moab. We truly believe that where you live should not determine if you live.

Back Country Care: 

Grand County Emergency Medical Service's area includes some of the most remote and pristine areas of Utah. With our area comes the challenges of providing high level pre-hospital care in these remote environments. We train in backcountry access and rescue, as well as work closely with Grand County Search and Rescue and the National Park Service to achieve our goal of providing a high level of care. Our staff includes professional boat guides, wilderness medicine instructors, high-angle rescue technicians, professional off-road drivers, and many others.