What Work Requires a Building Permit?

A Building Permit is required before you erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, improve, remove, convert, or demolish any building or structure in Grand County. 

  1. Requires Permits - Exterior
  2. Requires Permits - Interior
  3. No Permit   Required

Exterior Work Requiring a Building Permit Includes (but not limited to):

  • New construction, residential and commercial
  • Mobile, manufactured, modular home, or camp model setup on your own property or in an existing park
  • Accessory Dwelling Units
  • Garages and carports, attached or detached
  • Prefabricated metal buildings 
  • Shed or storage structure over 200 square feet or over in area 
  • Add utilities to any sized shed or storage structure (new or existing)
  • Fences over 7 feet high
  • Change of use remodels and/or additions (new or existing)
  • Decks 30 inches or more above ground, decks with a roof, attached to the house, or over 200 square feet
  • Addition or removal of any portion of the building
  • Remodel and move walls
  • Electrical meter upgrade or change an electrical meter
  • Reroof building
  • Sprinkler system installation that is connected to the building water supply
  • Retaining walls 4 feet high or more
  • In-ground Pool, hot tub, and/or spa installation in commercial or residential
  • Solar (complete PV Review Form)
  • Window and door replacement if changing sizes
  • Siding
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