Local Modular Unit and Factory Built Housing Contractors

Contractors listed here are licensed as B200 Modular Unit Installation or R200 Factory Built Housing.


R200 Factory Built Housing

 contractors are licensed to 
install/setup manufactured housing. If the foundation is more than 4'6" tall, then the R200 cannot do that part of it (crawl space or basement).The R200 cannot do the ground prep either such as, leveling, backfill, compaction etc. unless it's less than 10 percent of the total project. Manufactured and modular homes are considered new construction, so unless licensed, the dealership can have no part of the project other than the sale of the home; only licensed contractors are pemitted to work on the home.

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B200 SCOPE OF PRACTICE  Set up or installation of modular units as defined in Subsection 15A-1-302(8) and constructed in accordance with Section 15A-1-304. The scope of the work permitted under this classification includes construction of the permanent or temporary foundations, placement of the modular unit on a permanent or temporary foundation, securing the units together if required and securing the modular units to the foundations. Work excluded from this classification includes installation of factory built housing and connection of required utilities. 

Contractor Name Primary Contact Name Phone
Darin Bleggi Transport Darren Bleggi 435-259-2940



Disconnection, setup, installation, or removal of manufactured housing on a temporary or permanent basis. The scope of the work permitted under this classification includes placement of the manufactured housing on a permanent or temporary foundation, securing the units together if required, securing the manufactured housing to the foundation, and connection of the utilities from the near proximity, such as a meter, to the manufactured housing unit and construction of foundations of less than four feet six inches in height. Work excluded from this classification includes site preparation or finishing, excavation of the ground in the area where a foundation is to be constructed, back filling and grading around the foundation, construction of foundations of more than four feet six inches in height and construction of utility services from the utility source to and including the meter or meters if required or if not required to the near proximity of the manufactured housing unit from which they are connected to the unit.

Contractor Name Primary Contact Name Phone
Darin Bleggi Transport DarIn Bleggi 435-259-2940

Note to Local Contractors: Contact the Grand County Building Department if you would like to be added to this list, if there is an error or change to your information, or if you would prefer not to be included on this list.