Local Concrete and Masonry Contractors

Contractors listed here are licensed as S260 General Concrete, S290 General Masonry, or S291 Stone Masonry.
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S260 SCOPE OF PRACTICE  Fabrication, construction, mixing, batching, and/or installation of concrete and related concrete products along with the placing and setting of screeds for pavement for flatwork, the construction of forms, placing and erection of steel bars for reinforcing and application of plaster and other cementrelated products.

Contractor Name Primary Contact Name Phone
Craig J Haren Construction Co Craig J Haren 435-260-2164
J W Nelson Contracting Jim Nelson 435-259-6086
Kevin Bowden Construction Kevin Bowden 435-259-0224
Keys Construction Danny Key 435-259-6224
McElhaney Construction, LLC Rick McElhaney 435-259-7907
Ward's Construction Company Jerald Ward 435-259-8443

S290 SCOPE OF PRACTICE  Construction by cutting, and/or laying of all of the following brick, block, or forms: architectural, industrial, and refractory brick, all brick substitutes, clay and concrete blocks, terra-cotta, thin set or structural quarry tile, glazed structural tile, gypsum tile, glass block, clay tile, copings, natural stone, plastic refractories, and castables and any incidental works, including the installation of shower pans, as required in construction of the masonry work. 

Contractor Name Primary Contact Name Phone
Craig J Haren Construction Co Craig J Haren 435-260-2164
Masonry Systems Inc. Nick Smith 425-260-2390
Saunders Masonry Harold Saunders 435-260-8550
Torres Masonry, Inc. Manuel Torres 435-259-5623

S291 SCOPE OF PRACTICE  Construction using natural or artificial stone, either rough or cut and dressed, laid at random, with or without mortar. Incidental work includes the installation of shower pans.

Contractor Name Primary Contact Name Phone
Bucks Masonry, LLC Buck Nunn  

Note to Local Contractors: Contact the Grand County Building Department if you would like to be added to this list, if there is an error or change to your information, or if you would prefer not to be included on this list.