FEMA/Floodplain Administration

Using the newly acquired topography and detailed survey information of the Pack Creek floodplain area, the proposed revision to update the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) information has been submitted to FEMA with the petition that a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) be granted to Grand County. We are using this information as best information available until FEMA officially accepts and publishes the maps. At that time, we will run "Public Notices" and will be notifying the property owners affected by the new maps.

This page is currently under construction. We will update this site as updated information becomes available and will also include FEMA links and documents to help answer some of your floodplain-related questions. For general floodplain questions or property-specific questions, contact our office at 435-259-4134.

Current Grand County Floodplain Maps​

     Grand County is getting new flood maps.
     Grand County is updating a portion of its flood map for Pack Creek. The new map will show how your flood risk and insurance rates may change.
     Homeowners and businesses will have 90-days to appeal information on the map that they can show was made in error.
     Learn more about Grand County’s Flood Insurance Rate Map and insurance information going to fema.gov and looking for the Map Service Center. Or contact your local Floodplain Administrator for more information.
     GC Floodplain Administrator: William Hulse—(435) 259-1345; bhulse@grandcountyutah.net

Preliminary Floodplain FEMA maps are now available! Click Here to preview

Want to find out if a property is in the floodplain? 

First be sure that Google Earth is installed on your computer. Click on Grand County Floodplain Map to download a searchable version of this map. Open the download and type the address in the search field. The map has an overlay showing floodplain status. It does not show property lines. If the property is in or close to the floodplain, contact our office at 435-259-4134 or stop by and we will help verify property line location and floodplain status.

City of Moab

Click on City of Moab to be redirected for City floodplain information.

Grand County Floodplain Permit Process


​If your property is in or touches the floodway or floodplain, a Floodplain Development Permit Application including an Preconstruction Elevation Certificate, completed by a Utah-licensed surveyor, is required. A Postconstruction Elevation Certificate is required prior to issuing the Certificate of Occupancy.

Floodplain Development Permit

Floodplain Development Permit

FEMA National Flood Hazard Map