Emailed Tax Bill

Grand County property tax payers can now choose to receive their tax notice (bill) and valuation notice by email instead of through the postal mail.  Once you have your authorization code, follow this link to create an account and sign up for an emailed tax bill:  

To sign up, you will need your authorization code which is located near the top of your tax bill or valuation notice.  If you can't locate your authorization code, please call 435-259-1338 or email to get assistance with signing up.   When you sign up to receive either the valuation notice or tax bill via email you will no longer receive either of them in the postal mail.  It isn't possible to receive one via email and other via postal mail.  

Going paperless will allow you to:

  • Save resources
  • Get your bill earlier
  • Share your bill with others if you choose 
  • View notices from 2022 and subsequent years

If you would like to allow additional email addresses to receive your notices, simply share the authorization code(s) with that person and they can create their own account.    

Your authorization code will automatically sign up all of the parcels that have the exact same owner name and mailing address.  You can also sign up using multiple authorization codes on the same eNotices account. 

You can unsubscribe from email notices at any time through your eNotices account or by contacting the Treasurer’s Office, or 435-259-1338.  You must unsubscribe by October 1st to ensure that you will receive a printed bill through the postal mail for that year.   

If the ownership name on the parcel changes, that parcel will automatically revert to receiving both notices through the postal mail.  However, the previous owner will still have access to view notices from the years when they owned the parcel.