2020 Presidential Primary Election 

2020 PRIMARY ELECTION- 6/30/2020

***Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  the Utah Legislature passed HB 3006 which changes how this election will be conducted. To protect your right to vote while maintaining the health of our community please abide by the following deadlines to receive your ballot in the mail . There will be no in-person voting, no in-person early voting, no in-person registration, no voter registration by provisional ballots.  The voter registration deadline is 11 days prior to the election, 6/19/2020.**

The June 30th  Primary Election will be for Republicans candidates only.  In Grand County there is only a Republican ballot available.  All other Parties do not have any races available for the Primary in Grand County.  Eligibility rules for primary elections are set by the political parties, and not by our office.  You must affiliate as a Republican to participate in the Republican Primary. 

Please check your party status and mailing address at https://vote.utah.gov.  Only registered Republican voters will automatically be sent a ballot.  If you are registered with any party other than the Republican party or if you are an Unaffiliated voter and wish to participate in this election, you must affiliate as a Republican and request a ballot. As a Grand County Voter, you will be receiving a letter giving you the option to affiliate as a Republican and request a ballot for the Primary Election. 

If you are not affiliated with the Republican Party and you do not wish to or  you do not return the letter sent by our office or go online to change your affiliation. , you will not receive a Primary ballot, but you will remain registered to vote and will be able to vote in the November General Election.

If you still have questions after browsing this site, or if you are unable to vote by mail or require special accommodations or assistance voting, please do not hesitate to contact the Grand County Clerk’s Office at (435) 259-1321 

Important Dates  and Deadlines for the 2020 Primary Election

6/1/2020- As a registered voter in the Grand County, you will be receiving a letter from our office, giving you the option to affiliate as a Republican. Please note for this primary Election, the Republican party is the only one with available races. All other Parties do not have any races available for the Primary in Grand County.  If you wish to affiliate as a Republican, please complete the form on the bottom of the letter and return to our office. This can be returned either by an electronic scan and emailed to elections@grandcountyutah.net or you can mail to Grand County Elections, 125 East Center Street, Moab UT 84532. 

6/9/2020- A registered Republican voter will receive a ballot by mail automatically. Please be on the look out for your ballot and return as soon as possible, the safest way to return your ballot is to send back in the mail. Please note that the drop box for ballots will only be available on Election Day. 

6/19/2020- Last day to register to vote, change party affiliation or update your mailing address. This process can be done at https://vote.utah.gov

**Please note there will be no in-person voting, no  early in-person voting and no in- person registration and no voting by provisional ballot (also known as same day registration) **

6/29/2020-  Last day for your ballot to be postmarked by the post office to be accepted. 

6/30/2020- ELECTION DAY, there will be a drop box for the ballots outside the main doors of the Grand County Courthouse (125 East Center Street) 


Grand County Elections 

125 East Center Street