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The original item was published from 3/27/2020 8:01:00 PM to 3/28/2020 9:22:43 AM.

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Grand County Utah COVID-19

Posted on: March 27, 2020


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Due to the rapid developments in Grand County as we prepare for the growing threat from COVID-19 we are updating on our current status, please review this information. If you’d like to receive further updates, YOU MUST OPT-IN HERE

Moab Regional Hospital’s Coronavirus Hotline 435-719-3998

Due to the rapid developments in Grand County as we prepare for the growing threat from the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are emailing residents to provide an update on our current status and what we’re doing to reduce the risks to our community. If you’d like to receive further updates, YOU MUST OPT-IN on our website here:

Although there are currently no identified cases in Grand County, officials have enacted strong preventative measures and are expediting the development of public assistance programs in preparation of the virus reaching our community. Unprecedented steps have been taken to slow the spread of the disease to prevent overwhelming our limited service hospital, which can not only jeopardize response capabilities for those with COVID-19 symptoms, but for all other medical emergencies in Grand County. Overnight accommodations in Grand, Emery, and Carbon Counties have been restricted to reduce the risks of our visitors bringing the infection with them by order of the Southeast Utah Health Department. A wide range of area agencies have joined together in a coordinated response to this threat to public health.

During this time of increased concern, we’d like to assure you that our essential services that you’ve come to rely on, such as clean drinking water, garbage, and sewer, are expected to continue uninterrupted. Our grocery store supply chains are not expected to be disrupted.

The Grand County COVID-19 Community Task Force was established in an unprecedented, collective effort from all Moab and Grand County area stakeholders and community leaders. These include, but are not limited to, the Southeast Utah Health Department, Moab Regional Hospital, Grand County EMS, Moab City Police Department, Moab Area Travel Council, Grand County Sheriff’s Office, Grand County School District, Moab Chamber of Commerce, Moab Valley Fire Department, City of Moab, business owners, and private citizens. The mission of this collaborated team is to prepare, plan, and respond to a wide range of risk scenarios that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) may present. The COVID-19 Task Force is working to establish programs and resources that address current and future impacts for people who may need them in these trying times.

Grand County SENIOR & AT-RISK ASSISTANCE Program (435) 259-3998
As those who are at-risk need to self-quarantine to reduce their risks of contracting COVID-19, we have created an assistance program to ensure they have access to daily essential items, such as groceries and toiletries. At-risk includes anyone 65 years old or older and/or anyone with underlying medical conditions. This program will provide home delivery services and ensure that as items are being delivered, strict CDC guidelines will be adhered to in order to reduce any risk factors so that these individuals can safely secure items of need. Anyone who needs this type of assistance, or those who wish to volunteer to help with the program, may call (435) 259-3998 for more information.

This is a website that offers anyone in Grand County a process to sign-up to receive assistance, donate items, and/or request or offer resources and services. The site will act as a database where those who have will be paired with those who need, as we all work towards ensuring that everyone in Grand County has their basic needs met. This program is essential to creating a social safety net for our local residents. It can and will be expanded as needed.

The existing food resources in Grand County are especially focused on providing access during this time:
Grand County Library -
Grand County School District -
Grand County Food Bank -…/community-services/food-banks/
St. Francis Food Pantry -
Grand Center Home Delivery Service - Deliver to 60+ in Moab Valley, call (435) 259-6623 for more information.

BUSINESS RESOURCES - Economic Resilience
Grand County Community Economic Development 
This team is providing education on various financial assistance loans and programs, and working to establish the creation of an emergency loan fund, which can be deployed more quickly and with more favorable loan terms than the current offerings from the SBA. They are working with local, state, and federal representatives regarding emergency relief for employers and employees. Efforts are underway for economic emergency policy recommendations to help businesses rebound more quickly. Please review the Grand County CED website for more business resources.

The Moab Area Travel Council has worked with the Moab Chamber of Commerce to create a business status resource page to help the public know who is open, who has modified their services, and/or who has closed. Businesses can submit their information directly to the page here: Do It Like a Local  

The Moab Coronavirus Updates Facebook page has recently been established to further update the public as we move forward in our activities and program development. Please ‘like’ and ‘follow’ us for up-to-date information from the Grand County COVID-19 Community Task Force.

In an effort to provide more direct communications with the public, the Grand County COVID-19 Community Task Force is working towards establishing an online information resource with details on our vast response efforts to mitigate our risks on a wide front. This website is currently being developed and you can find it here:


Get alerts by text, call and/or email

In an emergency, seconds count. Our Grand County alerting system allows first-responders and emergency agencies to immediately alert you in case there is an emergency in your neighborhood. You may select to have alerts sent to you by text message, a phone call, and/or an email. These will only be sent when there is a threat to health, life, and/or public safety. This can greatly improve the outcome of an emergency by immediately providing critical details as well as a recommended response. We offer this service at no charge and strongly advise that all Grand County residents to sign-up for alerts.

PLEASE CALL Moab Regional Hospital at 435-719-3998

CALL BEFORE ARRIVING AT THE HOSPITAL OR URGENT CARE FOR ANY REASON. This includes calling before you visit Urgent Care, before a scheduled appointment, or arriving for X-Rays or Lab test, etc. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, MRH is taking additional measures to protect the health of our patients and healthcare staff. Except for Obstetrics and Hospice, MRH no longer allows ANY visitors. Obstetrics and Hospice visitors will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

As much as possible, providers will now provide remote care (audio and/or video calls) to as many patients as possible. If you have a scheduled appointment, please call 435-719-3998 to confirm your appointment time and location. Clinic visits will be restricted to one patient every half hour in order to limit possible exposure to COVID-19. Please wait in your car to be escorted to your exam room by hospital staff.

Visit the Moab Regional Hospital’s website for more information.

Most cases are mild-to moderate, but symptoms can last from a few days to a few weeks. Symptoms can develop within days of being infected or take up to two-weeks to develop. It is extremely important to note we may be infected and contagious prior to any symptoms developing. Please consider this when you are around other people and stay at least 6-feet away to ensure you are protecting them, as well as yourself.

A smaller percentage of cases will become critically ill, and some cases are fatal. As our only tools to combat this virus is for each of us in Grand County to diligent practice personal hygiene and physical distancing. It is imperative that we adhere to the basics of frequent hand washing of at least 20-seconds, sneeze or cough into a tissue or your elbow, disinfect often-touched items, maintain a physical distance of at least 6-feet from others, and avoid groups of 10 or more people. At-risk individuals should self-quarantine to ensure they reduce their risks as much as possible. These simple practices really are our best tools to prevent COVID-19 from gaining a stronghold in our community.

Grand County, along with the entire state of Utah, is in a critical and urgent phase to slow the spread of the virus. Our most important mission is to protect your health. Our most important stakeholder in combating this virus is you.

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