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The original item was published from 9/15/2023 12:20:00 PM to 9/15/2023 12:20:33 PM.

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Posted on: September 15, 2023

[ARCHIVED] Overnight Accommodations Overlay - RV/Campground

Public Hearing Image

Public Hearing Notice

Land Use Development Application 


Project Title:              Entrada Camps and Recreation rezone to apply the Overnight Accommodations Overlay (OAO)-Campground district to parcel no. 24-0XST-0067


Project Address:        Grand County parcel no. 24-0XST-0067 (located off SR 313)


Project Description:     The application is for an OAO-/Campground rezone for a 16-unit luxury tented camp on a 544-acre parcel in the seven-mile canyon area. The applicant proposes developing an energy efficient luxury eco-retreat centered on socially and environmentally responsible tourism. The proposal includes plans for 16 tent sites, an adventure center, swimming pools, a spa, a panoramic deck, trails and employee accommodations. The applicant has processed the rezone application in accordance with State and County regulation.


Project Applicant:         Intrepid Potash - Moab, LLC is the property owner and the applicant


Project Representative: Matt Kareus, Entrada Camps and Conservation, LLC



Public Hearing Information

County Planning Commission 


Date:         Monday, September 25, 2023

Time:        4:30 PM or later

Location:  In Person Location: County Commission Chamber 

125 E Center St. Moab, UT 84532

- OR - 

Join via Zoom with Meeting ID: 849 3075 3400

Agenda Packet is available at the Agenda Center


For more information contact the

Grand County Planning & Zoning Department

59 N 200 E

Moab, Utah 84532



A public hearing is a statutory requirement for some land use decisions.  At a public hearing, members of the public are provided a reasonable opportunity to comment on the subject of the hearing.


Proposed Project & Information 

Provided by Applicant


The 544-acre property for the Entrada Moab Luxury Tented Camp is located in the Seven Mile Canyon area. The concept plan includes 16 luxury tent sites, an adventure center, swimming pools, a spa, a panoramic deck, trails and employee accommodations. Less than 1 % of the site will be used for the 16 luxury tent sites and resort amenities.


The property is currently in the Range and Grazing zone. Per Section 4.8 .3 of the Grand County Land Use Code, the preferred zone district for the property is Resort Special since it has access to State Road 313. An Overnight Accommodations Overlay (OAO)-Campground is requested for the property to allow for overnight rentals of the luxury tent sites in the resort. The property is near other properties that have been granted the OAO-Campground per Section 4.6.3 of the Grand County Land Use Code.


i. Economic Diversification

While there is no shortage of hotel rooms and overnight accommodation rentals in

Grand County, there are very few that cater to the luxury end of the travel market.

Entrada Moab will provide much needed diversity to the local accommodation market

and attract a segment of travelers that are currently not being served. The resorts projected Average Daily Rate is $2,000 for its 16 guest units and will provide as much tax revenue to the county as a standard 150 room hotel charging an average of $2,000 per room night, without the concomitant increase in overall visitor capacity and associated impacts on congestion in the national parks and other public lands, and the town of Moab.

ii. Job Creation

The resort is anticipated to have 50 employees for 8 – 12 months of the year.

iii. Increased Wages

As a luxury overnight resort that will provide world class service to its guests, Entrada

Moab’s operating budget includes highly competitive compensation and benefit

packages designed to attract and retain top tier talent. The monthly wages will range

from $3,200 for entry level housekeeping positions to $14,000 for the general manager

position. The average monthly wage for Entrada Moab is projected to be $4,456 per

month. This average wage is more than double the current average monthly wage for

leisure and hospitality workers in Grand County according to the Utah Department of

Workforce Services. In addition to the monthly salaries, the Entrada Moab operating budget also includes $100,000 in annual retention and performance benefits.

iv. Community Aesthetics

The tent sites and resort amenities have been planned so that they are not visible from

US Highway 191 or State Route 313 per Section 4.8.4.A.7. The resort meets one or

more of the purposes outlined in Section 4.8.1. – Scenic Resource Protection District

v. Civic and Open Space

ECC has signed an agreement with a neighboring property owner to place a permanent

deed restriction and eventually a conservation easement on approximately 100 acres

adjoining UT-313, preventing future development there. The luxury tent sites and resort

amenities take up less than 1% of the 544-acre property. This large amount of open

space exceeds the 25% requirement per Section 4.6.5.E.1.d - Design Standards in the

OAO District.

The property is currently zoned Range and Grazing, which, according to the county land

use code, allows for the development of one residential homesite per acre and a variety

of commercial uses. Entrada Moab will prevent the vast majority of the property from

being developed and will focus on maintaining it in its current state. To this end, ECC

has signed a formal agreement with a neighboring property owner to place a permanent

deed restriction on approximately 100 acres along UT-313, which will prohibit

development on that section of the property and protect the views in perpetuity. ECC

plans to put this section under a permanent conservation easement and Utah Open

Lands has expressed an interest in working with us. 

vi. County Infrastructure

A minimum of 80% of power needs will be generated through an advanced on-site PV

solar installation. Existing power lines run through the property and appear to be adequate to serve the proposed development. A well will be drilled on the property to

provide culinary water. Sewer will be handled using an Orenco onsite treatment unit and

a drain field.

vii. Public Services

This is a low-density development and is expected to have minimal impact on public


viii. Traffic

The luxury tent sites are expected to have a similar trip generation rate as a vacation

rental or motel unit. Per the Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE), we expect to generate

6.1 trips per day for a total of 97 trips per day for the project. This is a very minimal

amount of traffic and should not decrease the level of service on State Road 313. The

resort will also have vehicles and staff who will take guests out for activities. This will

also minimize traffic generated by the resort.

ix. Water Resources

We will apply for a new water right with the Utah Division of Water Rights and drill an

onsite well. The water right will equate to 5.72 acre feet of water, which will exceed our

needs. If this is unsuccessful, we will apply for a permit to haul water, as several other

businesses in the area have done. In either case, we would be designated as a Public

Water System and would meet all the requirements therein. Water usage and

conservation infrastructure will include:

● The resort development will be kept natural and will have almost no landscaping with the exception of a few trees and limited xeriscaping around guest suites and amenities. This landscaping practice is in compliance with Section 4.6.5.B.3. A greywater reuse system from the showers will be used to irrigate the trees and xeriscape landscaping.

● An onsite bio-retention pond and bio-infiltration systems will be used to collect

storm water from the development per Section 4.6.5.B.4.

● Rainwater collection and storage will be promoted by collecting stormwater off

roofs and slabs where possible and will form an intricate part of the design. This

water will be filtered, treated and reused for general domestic purposes.

● A general strategy of waterwise usage will be followed by using a low flow water system for taps and showers. Limited use of baths with preference to showers to be incorporated into the design. Management of high-water usage activities such as laundry and car wash will take place off site, limiting the onsite water usage (this is also in line with limiting high energy power consumption).

● For drinking water purposes air to water hydro panel systems to be installed,

adding to the reuse of greywater. Greywater will also be investigated on closed

loop systems for use of toilet purposes.

● Black water and kitchen water also to be recycled through aerobic treatment

units enhanced by ensuring that fat traps are used on outlets.

● All swimming pools will have pool covers and the pools will be covered when not in use to limit evaporation

x. Housing Demand

This project does not have any onsite residential units but does provide onsite

employee housing accommodations for five employees, the maximum number allowed

by the county. There are only 16 guest suites within the proposed resort.

xi. Crowding or Congestion in National Parks and Nearby Public Lands

The large amount of open space, great views, trails and other amenities will also keep

guests on the resort property instead of using public lands to find the same experiences.

Hotels and motels provide sleeping accommodations and food but have little room to

relax and offer almost no other activities or amenities. The lack of activities and

amenities often pushes visitors to stay longer at the national parks or on nearby public

lands. The proposed resort gives visitors a larger place to stay, relax and enjoy other

activities without using public lands. The resort will include a world-class restaurant and the all-inclusive packages are intended to encourage guests to remain onsite. The resort will also have vehicles and staff who will take guests out for activities. This will also minimize traffic and congestion generated by the resort. The proposed resort is located about 12 miles north of Moab. The remote location of the resort should not create additional congestion in Moab.

(1) Additional Beneficial Public Services and Goods

Not only will the resort protect the ecological and scenic integrity of the 554-acre

property, but Entrada Moab will also donate 1% of their revenue (not profits) to support local conservation efforts through the non-profit Entrada Foundation. In addition, the resort will develop a traveler philanthropy program that will educate guests about the conservation challenges facing Grand County and give guests an opportunity to make a donation.

(2) Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

All of the property will remain in the ownership of the developer and partnering entities. The developer will own and rent the luxury tent sites. All open space areas will be owned and maintained by the developer. Since there is no common area or privately owned property by others in the development, covenants, conditions and restrictions are not needed.


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