What initial goals have been set for the restoration project?
The initial goals are outlined as follows:
  • The 1st goal requiring action is to complete the construction drawings that will guide the restoration work. The Dewey Bridge Restoration Committee has nearly raised the $5,000 necessary to contract for the construction drawings.
  • A 2nd goal is to establish an interpretive exhibit at the bridge site to inform visitors about the bridge, its history, and the restoration campaign.
  • The 3rd interim goal is to raise 20% ($172,000) of the reconstruction cost. Completion of this goal will enable the Dewey Bridge Restoration Committee to apply for matching fund grants from various sources.

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1. What happened to Dewey Bridge?
2. Why is Dewey Bridge important to southeastern Utah and western Colorado?
3. What is significant about the design of Dewey Bridge?
4. How much of the original Dewey Bridge is left after the fire?
5. Can Dewey Bridge be restored?
6. Will it still be Dewey Bridge after the restoration?
7. What will it cost to restore Dewey Bridge?
8. What responsibility does the family of the child who set the fire have to help with costs?
9. What will be done to prevent another wild fire from destroying the restored bridge?
10. Who is leading the campaign to restore Dewey Bridge?
11. What initial goals have been set for the restoration project?
12. How can I help with the restoration campaign?
13. Who will hold my donation while funds are being raised?
14. What fund raising strategy is being considered?