When can I use the arena(s) to ride in?
Almost anytime, as long as there's no event going on that is renting the arena(s). Open riding is also posted on our calendar online that you can keep track of. Sometimes maintenance might cause us to close down the arena(s) without any notice, so you're more than welcome to call us for information and check availability. Our number is 435.259.6226

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1. Do you provide shavings for the stalls?
2. My horse appears to be sick, do you have a veterinarian close by?
3. I want to have an event but the calendar shows Open Riding? Can I still have my event?
4. If I come in late, can I still get a stall or pen for my horses?
5. Do you supply feed for my horse(s)?
6. Can I hook up to electric with my trailer if I am staying overnight?
7. I have been traveling for a long time, can I let my horses out to run for a couple hours?
8. My truck broke down, can I use a pen or stall while I get it fixed?
9. How safe is it to leave my horses alone at your facility?
10. If I am renting a stall/pen, can I ride in the arena? If so, how much does it cost?
11. Do you take credit cards?
12. Can I camp out overnight?
13. I decided to stop for the night, where are your overnight stalls?
14. Are there horse trails close to your facility?
15. I want to have an event a your facility, what are the costs?
16. Can we hire a trail leader since I am not familiar with the area?
17. How soon should I call to reserve my event dates?
18. I want to bring my kids over to play on the soccer fields, do I have to pay to use them?
19. Do you have a sewer dump so I can empty my sewer from my trailer?
20. When can I use the arena(s) to ride in?
21. Can I ride my ATV/UTV around the race track?
22. Can I use the UTV/ATV Obstacle Course?
23. Can I run or ride my bicycle on the race track?
24. Can I walk my dog on the facility grounds?
25. Does it cost anything to come and watch one of your events?
26. Do you have a concession?
27. I am moving to Moab, can I rent a stall for a month or so while I am in the moving process?
28. Can I bring my children over to roller skate in the pavilion?