When do I need a Special Event Permit?

You will need to fill out a Special Event Permit application if event entrance fees are charged, retail sales are conducted, vendors offer goods or services, races, concerts, dances, exhibitions, lectures or a public assembly, such as a parade, rally or celebration, whether open to the public or not, OR if daily total attendance may exceed one hundred persons, OR the event has quantifiable impacts to county services or the health, welfare, or safety of citizens. Special events also include any event available to the public that requires the full or partial closure of a public right of way or use of public property. Special events are of limited duration and shall not exceed fourteen consecutive days, unless otherwise approved. When planning your event, please consider all of your event’s impacts on the County’s general functions, such as access to roads for emergency response, neighbors affected by noise, the impact of street closures on local businesses or residents, and consider a range of alternatives to decrease or mitigate those impacts as much as possible.

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1. When do I need a Special Event Permit?
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