Does it cost anything to come and watch one of your events?
Yes & No. It does depend on the event if there is a fee to 'watch' that event. If you have questions about a certain event you would like to be able to come see you can call us to find out if there is a fee. Our number is 435-259-6226.

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1. Do you provide shavings for the stalls?
2. My horse appears to be sick, do you have a veterinarian close by?
3. I want to have an event but the calendar shows Open Riding? Can I still have my event?
4. If I come in late, can I still get a stall or pen for my horses?
5. Do you supply feed for my horse(s)?
6. Can I hook up to electric with my trailer if I am staying overnight?
7. I have been traveling for a long time, can I let my horses out to run for a couple hours?
8. My truck broke down, can I use a pen or stall while I get it fixed?
9. How safe is it to leave my horses alone at your facility?
10. If I am renting a stall/pen, can I ride in the arena? If so, how much does it cost?
11. Do you take credit cards?
12. Can I camp out overnight?
13. I decided to stop for the night, where are your overnight stalls?
14. Are there horse trails close to your facility?
15. I want to have an event a your facility, what are the costs?
16. Can we hire a trail leader since I am not familiar with the area?
17. How soon should I call to reserve my event dates?
18. I want to bring my kids over to play on the soccer fields, do I have to pay to use them?
19. Do you have a sewer dump so I can empty my sewer from my trailer?
20. When can I use the arena(s) to ride in?
21. Can I ride my ATV/UTV around the race track?
22. Can I use the UTV/ATV Obstacle Course?
23. Can I run or ride my bicycle on the race track?
24. Can I walk my dog on the facility grounds?
25. Does it cost anything to come and watch one of your events?
26. Do you have a concession?
27. I am moving to Moab, can I rent a stall for a month or so while I am in the moving process?
28. Can I bring my children over to roller skate in the pavilion?