Will it still be Dewey Bridge after the restoration?
Yes, the suspension towers, main suspension cables, cable anchors, and approaches will all be original. The portions consumed or damaged by the fire, the wooden decking and timbers, and the cable hangers and rods will be fabricated following the original plans. Upon completion of the project, the bridge will look just about the same as it it did before the fire except that visitors will again walk across wooden deck timbers instead of the asphalt that was not part of the original design.

Far more radical restorations are still considered to be historic structures. For example, the White House was burned to a charred ruin by the British in 1812 and completely rebuilt. By 1949, the building was in danger of collapse and only “standing from habit” as one inspector phrased it. Over a three year period, President Truman gutted its interior and presided over the installation of a modern steel and concrete support structure while being careful to retain the building’s exterior appearance. Historic covered bridges in the eastern states, have burned and been rebuilt.

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1. What happened to Dewey Bridge?
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5. Can Dewey Bridge be restored?
6. Will it still be Dewey Bridge after the restoration?
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13. Who will hold my donation while funds are being raised?
14. What fund raising strategy is being considered?