4WD / UTVs

Grand County SAR maintains a fleet of modified Polaris Rangers capable of accessing and transporting injured subjects out of the backcountry and to a waiting ambulance.  We typically meet the EMTs at a trailhead and transport them in to the patient.

The Rangers are the workhorses of Search and Rescue.  Some of them have been purchased through donations to GCSAR.  Several have been extensively modified to carry a litter and other necessary rescue gear.  During the winter, one Ranger is equipped with tracks.

In 2016, a custom Polaris RZR was donated to GCSAR by Rally on the Rocks, an annual UTV event in Moab.  The RZR allows GCSAR to transport ambulance personnel into the backcountry faster than is possible with the Polaris Rangers, which are often carrying a heavy load.

Up until the late 1990’s, subjects needing rescue on backcountry 4WD trails in Grand County were accessed by Search and Rescue members using their personal vehicles.  On many calls, some of our members still volunteer to  use their very capable off-road rigs ranging from Unimogs to Jeeps to 4WD pickup trucks and SUVs. 

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