Vote by Mail

Grand County conducts their elections all by vote by mail. Ballots for the election will go out approximately 3 weeks prior to the election. This allows all voters to be informed on the issues, voters can make their choices and vote their ballot at their convenience. Voters always have the choice to mail back their ballot or deliver it to the drop location. Ballots will need to be post marked no later than the day before Election Day, or dropped off at our office by 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Will your Vote remain confidential? Yes, our State Constitution ensures your right to a secret ballot. We make sure that we have processes and procedures in place to ensure the separation of personal identifiers (such as the voter's name, signature and address) prior to the ballot being viewed.

The Vote by Mail Process
1. Receive your ballot
Your ballot will be mailed out approximately three weeks prior to the election. To receive a ballot, your voter registration mailing address needs to be current. You can review and make changes to your address on or contact our office at 435-259-1321.

If you are a registered voter and did not receive your ballot, please contact us at 435-259-1321.

2. Vote your Ballot
Your ballot packet will include a ballot, a secrecy envelope and a return envelope. Follow the instructions that accompany your ballot. If you need a replacement ballot, please contact our office at 435-259-1321

3. Return your Ballot
Your ballot must be:
    -Postmarked no later than the day before Election Day;
    -Returned in person to 125 East Center Street by 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Ballot Processing and Secrecy
It is essential to the integrity of an election that ballot processing be accurate and transparent, while maintaining your right to a secret ballot. After you return  your voted ballot, we, your county elections department follows this ballot counting process:

. Your signature on the outer return envelope is checked by human eyes against the signature on file with your voter registration, this is to insure that the signatures match and you are the one voting your ballot.
* If your signature is missing or does not match what we have on record, we will make an effort to contact you prior the Election to have you correct this. 
2. You are credited for voting in that election. This ensures that only one ballot from each voter is counted.
3. The outer return envelope, which identifies you, will be separated from the inner security envelope, which contains the voted ballot. Once this process is done the ballots can not be traced back to you, the voter, ensuring the secrecy of your vote.
4. All ballots are inspected to make sure the scanning machine can read the ballot. Our scanning equipment is tested and audited prior to the election to ensure that it is working properly.
5. Ballots are then sent through the scanning machine to count the vote and results will be given after the Election.

Grand County has implemented the following controls to ensure a safe, secure, by-mail election. 

  • Throughout the entire process of gathering, transportation, verification, processing and tabulation, all ballots are under lock and key unless being handled by elections personnel. 
  • No ballot is ever handles by one person alone. There are always two elections workers present. Reconciliation forms ensure that no ballot is misplaced. 
  • Every voter's signature is manually compared to the signatures in the state voter database. If the signatures do not match, we contact the voter for verification/correction. 
  • The return envelopes are specially designed to preserve the secrecy of the ballot. They prevent election workers from viewing the ballot while the signature is verified. Only when we begin the ballot scanning process is the ballot envelope opened, we have already removed your signature after verifying. The ballot it's self has no identifying markers on it, once ballot is removed we can start scanning. 
  • The computer system tabulates election results is stored and locked room and can not connect to any network or the Internet.