Sanitary Dumping Stations

All recreational vehicle campgrounds, which do not possess sewer risers at each campsite, must provide a sanitary dumping station for the safe and efficient disposal of wastes from the holding tanks of recreational vehicles. Each dumping station shall be constructed to conform to this standard. 

The following document contains diagrams that indicate acceptable designs and dimensions for sanitary dumping stations and includes details familiar to most campers.

The diagrams show a modified air tower, parts, and templates available from commercial manufacturers.  The parts are readily available from any large plumbing or hardware store. The method of connecting the spring to the hose, and the spring length, is determined in the field.

Plans must be submitted to the Grand County Building Department and the Southeastern Utah District Health Department for review and approval prior to the construction. Prior approval ensures that the sanitary dumping station meets construction requirements and is properly located. Questions regarding sanitary dumping stations may be directed to the following:
Grand County Building Department
125 East Center Street Moab, Utah 84532 435-259-4134
Southeastern Utah District Health Department 
575 South Kane Creek Boulevard 
Moab, Utah 84532