Policies & Procedures


Amendments / Addendum

  • Resolution 2793 (PDF) - A resolution amending Resolution 2791 by changing allowable amounts for per diem and mileage reimbursement
  • Resolution 2835 (PDF) - A Resolution of Grand County amending Resolution No. 2579 creating Grand County Safety and Accident Review Committee and establishing an Accident Review Policy.
  • Resolution 2916 (PDF) - Resolution of the Grand County Council amending Resolution No. 2855 Grade Classification with Salary and Hourly Ranges for Grand County Employee Job Positions
  • Resolution 2968 (PDF) - A resolution repealing Resolution No. 2893 (which amended Resolutions No. 2859 / No. 2840) amending the Grand County Employment Policies and Procedures Manual regarding Section VII - "Compensation - All Employees Performance Reviews"